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Homemade Flan Recipe ~ Creme Caramel Custard Dessert

Learn how to make flan with this easy flan recipe! Flan (or Creme Caramel) is one of my favorite Mexican desserts, it’s easier than it seems and everyone lov…
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Leche Flan is similar to a Creme Caramel and its just so delicious! Follow me: FACEBOOK- INSTAGRAM – http://www.instagr…
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  1. Hilah, I love your recipes! 😀 <3

  2. sciencey? candy factory yo!

  3. i envy your husband lol

  4. 3:52 best part.

  5. hi Hilah you should make something that my mom makes a lot Arroz Con Pollo

  6. i just had flan today

  7. Oh my gosh, I know. Time to try it!

  8. Buen idea!

  9. It’s FLAN, a MEXICAN dessert. How is that racist?!

  10. again with the Cinco de Mayo…

  11. Sounds like an excellent idea. Could you elaborate how exactly its done.

  12. Mmm. Thanks for the suggestion! Got any tips from a real New Orleanian? 😉

  13. Can you make a choco flan ?? 😀

  14. From the looks of the thumbnail, I thought you were Phoebe!

  15. I like caramel custard so good for me

  16. how many ex bf’s do you have.

  17. Hilah, no!!! Don’t stir the sugar!!!!!!!!!

  18. her cutting board look nasty. it has mildew on it.

  19. Hahaha! 🙂

  20. Hilah I love you! You make me feel like I can make anything 3rd meal this
    week no more fast food for me 🙂 The fiancé said to tell you thanks

  21. Great recipe!

  22. Si lo hicieras en la licuadora seria mejor

  23. DARN U!!!! now im hungry :3….got any left? lol

  24. @InstantFilmBooth It’s actually Mexican

  25. ..grEat american battle, or lunch with history making the children
    fat…good job!

  26. The best comes from Puerto Rico

  27. Us Filipinos pronounce it as lechiplan cause obviously we are from

  28. better not to add egg whites on your mixture cause it would cause the
    bubbles on ur finished product and the good without the egg white is, its
    creamier and tastier. 🙂

    and yes, we Filipinos usually serve this on special occasions as a dessert.
    Every restaurant here serves Leche Flan. 🙂 

  29. Not really but leche is it means crap

  30. This is not from the philipines!? .-. 

  31. I wish you a long and happy life Nicko! For years you made me happy with
    your awesome receipts which gave me, my family and friends very nice

    Thanks for uploading a video like almost every week :D

  32. Weee one of my favs.. now u have me craving for one hahaha 🙂 much love
    from the philippines

  33. I must try this

  34. Yay im pilipino

  35. That’s not Filipino music

  36. yummy lechen plan from the philippines 🙂 thank Nicko;s kitchen for making

  37. I thought it was funny how he said it like, ” Lechee Flan” it’s more like
    leychey flawn.

  38. I think I made the Japanese version, if theres any difference, and I hated
    it :p 

  39. oh yee so going to do this

  40. looks amazing!!

  41. what I do is I take the eggs yolks only… I don’t add the egg whites too
    much since a high concentration of yolks will make the flan really really
    soft to the point of almost literally melting in your mouth. the egg white
    kinda ruins that texture if there’s too much. but by doing so, you’d need
    to use more eggs and you’d be discarding a hell lot of ingredients…

    then I add a lil bit of either orange zest or lemon zest along with the
    vanilla extract to give a lil bit of twist.

    then we steam it in a steamer instead of an oven

  42. I live in the philippines

  43. My mom would love this!!!

  44. Lemon zest is a nice thing to add to leche flan

  45. Pilipino ako

  46. Awesome! An upside-down creme brulee :D

  47. I love it when you said….”get stuck into this bad boy”
    this looks soooo good!!!


  48. where did u acquire the black spots?

  49. I am i pilipino you know

  50. Proud to be Pinoy! (Pinoy = a local from Philippines) Weee! =)

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