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Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe! | Tanya Burr

Hey guys! I’m so excited to share this yummy and healthy smoothie recipe with you. It’s made with a mix of veggies and fruit so isn’t super sweet, if you wan…
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  1. Don’t forget to send me your pic if you make it using the hashtag
    #GoingGreenWithTanya – I have loved all the photos I have seen so far! <3

  2. I just made one hoping it would be nice and I nearly died it tastes of shit

  3. Does anyone know of a substitute for the coconut water? I’m not a huge fan
    of it haha. Suggestions would be really appreciated! thanks!

  4. Can you use regular water?

  5. Ur blender sucks. U need to buy a good one and u should pour the coconut
    water into the jar before u blend It, not after. 

  6. I think I’ll stick to a bacon sarnie! 

  7. I’m banning you from using the kitchen. YOU’RE TOO MESSY!

  8. Instead of pineapple can I use kiwi fruit?

  9. .your sooooo pretty!!! And Jim is soooooo adorable!!

  10. Pretty face but You have High Body Fat %. . Go work out Tanya! 

  11. I love green smoothies, your recipe sounds really yummy and refreshing!

  12. Tanya is hot

  13. If she’s so healthy then why isn’t she slimmer? She’s not fat, but if she’s
    saying she drinks and eats all of this really healthy stuff he should be
    slimmer and fitter… simple.

  14. I drank soda while watching this. 🙁 I fail

  15. But i hate celery, gnger and coconut water

  16. just wondering, does your blender blend up like all the seeds and all the
    spinach like completely with no chunks? Or does anybody know of a blender
    that does? I hate having chunks in my smoothies and I have to strain them
    but I lose half of the nutrients 

  17. Hey Tanya.

    First sorry for my bad english!

    But I dont like coconut, can I put something else than coconut water in the
    smoothie? 🙂


  18. Where did you get the blender? Been looking for it for a while. Can’t wait
    to try this. X

  19. Jim has a really steady hand

  20. Tanya Burr is adorable omfg!!<3

  21. Jim + Tanya = OTP!!

  22. What music do you use in your videos?

  23. its best to avoid the use of blenders because of the estrogenicity of
    plastic jugs and/or the nickel poisoning risk of the stainless steel
    blades. the only truly safe way to eat veggies is to grow them yourself
    and eat them raw and unadulterated straight after youve pulled them out of
    the ground and rinsed them in purified water with your own hands
    (preferably bare as gloves often contain chemical nasties)

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