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Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe: Banana Berry: Smoothie Recipe! How To: Dishin’ With Di 128

Easy Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe! Banana Berry Oatmeal Smoothie! Low Fat, Nutritious Meal Idea! Quick & Simple! NO COOKING! Learn how to make a healthy …
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  1. Thanks for the recipe.. What can I substitute milk for?

  2. I just made a similar smoothie. It’s even quicker when you keep a big bag
    of frozen mixed berries in the freezer.

  3. Can you give me measurements of the oats and how much to put? +Dishin With

  4. BS to add ice! Leave it out.

  5. can i use this shake before the workout? thanks mom

  6. Loving this , newly subscribed tho.

  7. i love the way she tasted and said its nice and smooth unlike other people
    yelling wooooooooow thats awesome. but hey i bet ya that look delicious
    thou . awesome lady too 

  8. how many times a day can i drink the smoothie?
    aslo, can this replace the entire breakfast mean?

  9. I like it.

  10. thank you i tried it today and i really liked it :)

  11. Banana comes in at about 10 down the list of potassium foods.

  12. will soy milk work?

  13. I love you!

  14. Thanks will try it

    Cheers .

  15. I made a strawberry and banana smoothie for school 

  16. Looks good

  17. yummy

  18. Can I use water instead of Milk? would it taste good ?

  19. I love how quick and easy this is and let us not forget extremely healthy
    with a wonderful taste♥

  20. Oooh I’m excited to try this. Just need some blueberries and strawberries

  21. you’re perky , i’ll subscribe to your channel, see what else you have like

  22. Mmmm it looks delicious :)

  23. I would not put the honey in its difficult to clean out and the fruit
    contains natural sugars that will sweeten it 🙂 

  24. I am so making this tomorrow morning, I will let you know how it goes.

  25. Is this healthy if I drink this everyday? 

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