Today I made Cheeseburger Cupcakes! I really enjoy making nerdy themed goodies and decorating them. I’m not a pro, but I love baking as a hobby. Please let m…
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  1. Linde Meuzelaar

    maybe something without foodcoloring or with natural hand made foodcoloring
    because my dad doesnt want foodcoloring from the stores

  2. Jesse Janzen

    3:40 lol

  3. Janelle Osafo-Dedey

    your nasty 

  4. Ailson Marozwa

    omg did anyone notice the dinosaurs having sex in the backround good one
    lulz hahaqhahahahaahahahahahahaha

  5. Hannah Liu

    Sesame seeds are black tho lol

  6. Maria Kafka

    damn she has changed alot in a year o.o

    like if you see this after september 2014

  7. Teodora Ljondova

    Ro, are these my birthday cupcakes? XD

  8. Akari Akaza

    very nice

  9. amal jouri

    I need that in my life 

  10. Dinosaurs died a long time ago

  11. don st Pierre

    Bunny cake pops

  12. Asif Khan

    Please make a elsa cake with fondant only

  13. GroovyBooty

    she is so dirty minded! Foreal. Muffin top is her favourite?! It’s ok to
    get messy?

  14. Elayna Kiehne

    oh my gawd those are so cute! I love your intro by the way :)

  15. fenixman2

    Google+ Sucks.

  16. Kalea Miller

    Is there a substitute for the coconut flakes?

  17. Rylee Neal

    Me no likey coconut

  18. Marcel Wilson-Lynch


  19. sim sivia

    Can someone please subscribe to me… I’m new and I don’t really have many
    subs. Thanks. SURPRISE AT 50 SUBSCRIBERS!!!

  20. Mario Melendez

    Fish cake

  21. Eva Jonez

    OMG, you make this look so easy. I m going to try this.

  22. Autumn Portwood

    am i the only one who finds her SUPER annoying? lol.

  23. Arsenio Macias

    Do a steve cake plz

  24. Hina Moises

    Puppy cake please

  25. audra vonnell

    Did anyone else notice she must have messed up on the first batch of
    cupcakes because there arn’t lines on the cupcakes

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