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  1. Kiemca Canciu

    Do not waste your time andmoney and efforts on fat lossproducts or
    ointments because their results if any are temporary.

  2. How often should you drink a smoothie in a day? Is it healthy to drink

  3. Vida Nimo

    Try not to throw away your time andbucks and effort on weight losstablets
    or ointments since their outcomes if any are merely non permanent.

  4. Betty Sanjaya

    Which country are you from? I love your accent

  5. Alexis Johnson

    I hope these work because I’ve been recovering from gall bladder surgery
    and I can’t exercise yet.. So hopefully these will work.

  6. Robert R. Blevins

    Cool tips…

  7. I can’t wait to try this. But without the cinnamon! I’m allergic

  8. marlene nuno

    Where do you buy your chia seeds??

  9. Kingofcod

    Good vid defiantly good try these PS what blender do you use ??

  10. Juliya Kruglaka

    I just tried the first one. I highly suggest using a tablespoon or so of
    honey to sweeten it up a bit, otherwise it’ll be a bit sour because of the
    Greek yogurt. My dad was the first one to try it and he told me that it has
    to be sweeter, otherwise it’s not that great. So yeah, tablespoon of honey.

  11. Maria Aquino

    What are the songs called

  12. סתו אגוזי

    I really LOVE your make up in this video!
    Can you do a tutorial?

  13. Brenda Negrete

    I really really hope this works for me I have been wanting to lose weight
    for a long time.. I have a muffin top so I know this might be a dumb
    question but will it get rid of it? 

  14. Carie G. Snow

    There’s no way for losing fat safely without having workout correctly and
    control the eating plan. Pills and drugs include harmful side effects.

  15. Clorenda Morris

    Awesome smoothie recipes, I’m currently on a weight loss/ lifestyle change,
    and I have been drinking smoothies almost everyday. At least twice a day…
    I’m seeing awesome results, and with clean eating these recipes will come
    in handy. Thanks a bunch. 

  16. talea manton

    Make fitness ideas and work out stuff like core and tone butt and more like
    this and that 

  17. ChloeLuvsYuh

    outro song????

  18. Sydni Johnson

    what do I replace banna’s with?

  19. Celine A.

    Why aren’t you like a popular guru with 2 million subbers???!!!!

  20. Roxette Gutierrez

    More smoothie recipe pls? :)

  21. Rachel Romy Williamson

    can you please do a video on rush week outfits? Like before august?

  22. FabWendy85866

    Bananas are really good at filling me up,I can’t eat even half of it
    without getting super fullm

  23. MusicandBeauty

    TGIF! I freakin’ love smoothies. Thanks for the video, girl! 

  24. talea manton

    Please make more smoothies ideas 

  25. FeñaMusic

    Amazing video!

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