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Cookies & Cream Oreo Cupcake Recipe | Cupcake Jemma

Oh yes I did! I’ve parted with my beloved Oreo Cupcake recipe for you lot. This is a triple threat Oreo Cupcake with a sneaky Oreo cookie baked INTO the cupc…
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  1. I live in Europe, and I don’t know what malt powder is

  2. I live in the US but I can’t find malt powder anywhere. is there any
    substitute to this that I can use??? PLEASE HELP.

  3. How many cupcakes does this recipe makes? 

  4. I love oreos and I love cake, this is perfect ;D

  5. I see you use an all-in-one method often. Do you ever find that it
    overworks the gluten in your batter when in a large batch?

  6. Your wish is my command and a lot of you WISHED I’d show you an Oreo
    Cupcake recipe so here you go. Malty, chocolatey and creamy with not one
    but TWO whole Oreos on board. Not a diet cupcake, sorry!

  7. i live in canada and we dont have malt powder from where i am from! what do
    i use instead?

  8. Baked it and it came out wonderful but I did not use salt but it was a
    little salty. Why??

  9. I would have liked to see the inside of this cupcake, so that I could see
    the cookie ob the bottom.
    The dough looked so good, very cool colour! Does it come from that malt

  10. Jemma… you’re the Ace of cupcakes! completely in love with you and your
    cakes! wish I could buy your book… but I’m from Brazil, so it’s kind of
    complicated… thank God you have this channel! and you’re so cute that
    sometimes I just wish I could hug you! lol (I’m not crazy… promise =p)

  11. Thank you so much Jemma ! You are awesome =D . Im gonna try this next time

  12. i usually put a small layer of batter first so the oreo is in the middle :)

  13. What about Rainbow cupcakes? ;)

  14. Hey cupcake jemma! Just tried making these precious cupcakes but was
    wondering why mine would leave the sides of the cupcake liners and would
    sink terribly too even though I follow exactly the time needed to beat each

  15. Twin of the cupcake army!

  16. Sorry if this is a silly question..but can someone tell me if I need to
    remove the cream from the Oreos before crushing and using them in the

  17. Hi, I love this recipe, but why did you add Horlicks? For the flavour? 

  18. What does it taste like? Is it more to the malty side or the chocolate side

  19. my frosting always starts separating as soon as I add the sugar! what do I
    do wrong?

  20. One of my favourite cupcakes! Looks soooo good! :)

  21. Low fat lemon cupcake recipe? Complete with lemon buttercream…..?!
    PLEASE!!! I’ll beg if I have to!! 🙂 xx

  22. Did anyone else think that the frosting was way too sweet? :/ Also, my
    buttercream looked rly rly grainy and weird. It wasn’t smooth at all. I had
    no choice but to use a hand mixer and I don’t think I mixed it well enough.
    Could that be the reason why?

  23. Can somebody please please tell me can I leave out that malt powder or just
    add another 25 g of flour?

  24. Hi Jemma! My sister and i tried this and it was amazing! We were surprised
    for when we tasted the batter (hehe just a habit of ours /guilty/ :p) it
    tasted so so but when we ate it after it was baked together with the oreos!
    It turned out so different and delicious! ♥♥♥ hehe thanks for the recipe!!
    And jemma, can u also make a cupcake with marshmallow in it it? Or
    somethinf? Anything? ♥♥ good day to you! 

  25. When making the butter cream, is it possible to get it 100% smooth? I
    always seem to get a slightly grainy texture of the sugar coming through.
    Do I need to beat it for longer or add more milk? Different butter maybe or
    less icing sugar? Anyone with hints & tips welcome! :)

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