6 Best Cupcake Frosting Styles using a STAR Piping Tip. Perfect Cupcakes!

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SIX of the BEST FROSTING TECHNIQUES for Cakes & Cupcakes!

Master the art of perfectly frosted Cupcakes with these 6 best ever cupcake frosting styles using open star piping tips… Rainbow, Tall swirl? Pointy spikes? So many possibilities!

BUTTER CREAM FROSTING tutorial click HERE: http://bit.ly/Butter_Cream
Click here for 5 ROUND piping Tip Techniques: http://bit.ly/1AFijyB
Click here for more foundations series videos: http://bit.ly/1eU6icW

I used LOYAL brand Thermo Piping Tips, or Pastry Piping Tips – these are generally ALL I use unless I need something like a grass piping tip or a petal piping tip.

Loyal plastic star piping tip #5 (smallest one)
Loyal plastic star piping tip #11 (medium one)
Loyal plastic star piping tip #15 (largest one)

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I’d love to see pics of your cakes and cake pops on ANY of the above — You all know how mine turn out — now show me YOUR creations!

Xx Elise

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Super simple and SO MANY VARIATIONS! I show you my fave recipe for Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwiches AND a choc mint variation. But really, you can make these babies any flavour you like 🙂


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  1. Tara Jones

    The multicolored frosting is super cute! I love that!

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  9. Jessica “Jessie” Mezatasta

    I had a question regarding the bi-color frosting technique, can you do the same thing but on a cake? I have a MASSIVE milestone coming up on April 12th, i'm going to be 7 years seizure-free (I have Epilepsy, and want to do something special to celebrate this) and am planning to bake a cake but want to decorate it in a different way. Don't worry, i'll have a picture of it when I can do it, this video was pretty helpful too! :)

  10. Crystal Sprinkles

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    Like. If you agree

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    Hi elise maybe do a video about anime or haikyuu or volleyball cupcakes because my nephews love volleyball and they love watching haikyuu or anime so for their birthday which is in april I wanted to make them some cupcakes about haikyuu or anime or volleyball Maybe you can teach us how to make anime cupcakes or Haikyuu related cupcakes (RIP grammar)(im not american im trying my best at grammars)

  22. Amani Ahmed

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