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Chinese Crepe Vendor in Shenzhen

During my last visit to Shenzhen, China – I was near the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center when a young woman was working her food cart making Chinese Crepes. She can turn these out in just two minutes. If you are in Shenzhen and you see her, tell her you saw her on Youtube and buy a crepe. It was one one of the best things I’ve ever tried when I’ve been there!
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  1. How's it taste???

  2. ilk katlayıstan sonr aaraya koyduğu kıtır şey nedir acaba 1:20de koyuyor.

  3. Hi, would anyone know where I could buy one of these turning hot plate, they are super cool! Thanks :)

  4. They have these in Shenzhen and cost between 1-2 US dollars for a whole one

  5. Walala asco

  6. alguien sabe como lo puedo encontrar aka en mexico

  7. e thái này xinh nhỉ. lột quần địt tại chổ chắc sướng lắm

  8. what r those called?

  9. que isso me dá água na boca? se alguém puder colacar o nome em português

  10. what i like cake

  11. 먹고 싶다 ~ㅎ

  12. yum!

  13. Awesome!! I've had these only in Beijing and Xi'an. I will be visiting southern China in December and was a little worried will I find these, since I think they are originally from Beijing. So happy now! 😀 Thanks for the video!

  14. 본 중에 가장 깔끔해 보이고 푸짐해 보여요. 포장도 세심하게 하는 것 같고 바람부는 길에서 꿋꿋하게 자기일에 최선을 다하는 거 같아 보기 좋아요. 저 채소크레페? 때문에 중국에 한 번 가보고 싶네요.장사 잘 해서 부자되세요! ^^

  15. nhìn ma thấy them wa ko biet chung nao moi dc an z

  16. 2 dollars just for the half or whole? btw whats the sauce she put??

  17. I must stop watching these videos. They make me hungry and It's 10:00 pm now.

  18. มันคืออะไรไคร รู้บอกหน่อยค้ะ

  19. Does it make you full? 🙂
    And what did it cost? Even though it was two years ago it would be very interesting to know what a breakfast costs you in China.

  20. what time i can meet her?

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