How to Make Spaghetti Sauce – A Two Minute Cooking Class

Spaghetti sauce is one of those things, that everyone needs to know how to make. Sure you can buy the jarred stuff, but homemade tastes a ton better, is healthier and is generally cheaper. I make really large batches and freeze meal sized portions that I can thaw out in about 20 minutes.

Spagehtti sauce is great tossed pasta…but I’ll also use this sauce for things like chicken and eggplant Parmesan, meatball subs…just about anything!

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  1. woIfcub61

    My Noona uses chicken stock cubes instead of sugar to counteract the tartness.

  2. Julie Boyko

    will be trying this.   I've been wanting a new recipe for meatless sauce. 

  3. uprite88

    Yes, get a bigger pot… "Yes, just throw in one kid for seasoning, don't mash or blend and pull him out the same time as the basil". lol
    Wow, 5 pounds of tomatoes!

  4. Dottie C

    I don't see this recipe on your website. Closest thing is the pomodoro recipe which doesn't require the wine. I'll just jot some notes from this video. I never made my own sauce before. Thanks for this. Excited to try it. 

  5. Sig Shooter

    I can't wait to try this Dave. Always went the bottle way, but this looks way better. I think your children sound just fine and they have never bothered me while watching your videos :)

  6. KaceyRey

    The potato masher is a great idea! I hate super chunky sauces.

  7. 29render

    You said ass!! UNSUBSCRIBING…Kidding!  I love sitting on my ass

  8. Sprinkleofwilly

    For me, I sauteed the carrots, tomatoes and then add the ready made spaghetti sauce. And some oregano too.  

  9. Daniella Gutierrez

    Yummy! Can't wait to try!:)

  10. Mark Winsor

    Thanks Dave, love your channel. I wonder what wine to use, I'm a rookie in the kitchen.

  11. mannyvasquez123

    Came across your videos and love them. You make cooking look so simple. Thank you.

  12. thyme not time lol

  13. Add some sprigs of time and bay leaves to simmer with the basil leaves. DELISH thanks for sharing!

  14. ryan flippin

    Another great video, thanks for uploading! I'm craving Italiano! 

  15. bebebutterfield1

    hahaha He's trying to get to the ass and TV part wjmortician silly. Lookin good Dave and TY for sharing.

  16. Thaneii

    Some of your sauces are the best, and I refer to often.  Thanks, Dave.

  17. wjmortician

    Why don't you see if you can talk a little faster,

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