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Mini Rainbow Macaron Recipe Tutorial

In this video tutorial, I teach you how to create these itty bitty wee little rainbow macarons from scratch. Enjoy!

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Macaron Recipe:
130 to 140 grams egg white. approximately 4 eggs.
pinch salt
90 grams caster sugar
230 grams icing sugar
115 grams almond meal
Gel Food Colours in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple

bake at 110 degrees celcius fan force (or 120 degrees without fan) for 12 to 14 minutes. remember to rotate half way! this helps the macarons to cook and colour evenly.

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For the 2cm macaron template: (IT’S A SMALL PURPLE LINK UNDER THE VIDEO 🙂

Thank you guys for tuning in! These mini macarons compliment the video for the two tier mini macaron decorated cake (

These also work really nicely in a tray on a dessert table or in a jar as party favours etc. Please let me know if there is a particular dessert you would like to see up on this channel, I love hearing from you guys, so please don’t be shy! Even if you have any questions related to baking or troubleshooting, shoot me a msg 🙂

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Macaron dessert recipe for Christmas:
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Recipe details:

In this video:
LG probake convection oven electric:
LG probake convection oven gas:
Passionfruit puree:
Almond meal:
red food colouring:
powdered food colouring:

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  1. what is egg white…

  2. what is egg white

  3. I love love lol love your videos, your sweet awesome voice,your ideas, everything about you is just a sweet delicate candle in the springtime!!!!??????????????Thanks for sharing to us fans all of your hard work, You have just got to be having so so much fun with these cakes!!!

  4. hi.can I use only icing sugar??? in Greece we can't find caster sugar.or you may suggest something else? ?

  5. Hi Rosie! I am a very big fan of yours and one thing I wanted to bring up if you could do this. In your ingredients could you please show the converses for the US. Like how many cups and Tbsp etc. also. I would love to make some of your recipes but have a very hard time converting them. Thank you so much!

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  7. I love it so much

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  11. they look so cute and delicious?

  12. Hi Rosie! I heard you mention to rotate the macarons half way through baking, could you clarify how its done please?

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  30. I made the macarons today,my family love it.
    The chocolate is so tasty?
    Greetings from Germany ??❤️
    I love your channel ??

  31. Hi Ann, my birthday is coming soon and I have no idea what birthday cake I want for the party?I was thinking a macaroon cake ?
    Or for your next video can u plz plz plzzzzz do a birthday cake ,anything that will help

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