Recette de cuisine : Végé-Burger et tartinade de yogourt (Veggie Burger with closed captions)

Recette de cuisine : Végé-Burger et tartinade de yogourt (Veggie Burger with closed captions)

Végé-burger à base de pois chiches et tartinade de yogourt à la coriandre.
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  1. Juliette B

    Ça a l'air super bon!

  2. Super merci

  3. Germaine Kalatchev

    What a nice and easy vegan recipe! I love it! Keep going!

  4. hindelhachim

    Super bien merci pour ce partage!

  5. ThePeopleneedhelp

    YOU KNOW…..if every one ate veggie burgurs we would be the skinny.
    or i could say if macdonalds sold veggie burgers we would be skinny

  6. Miazy Minji

    délicieux !! 🙂

  7. estefano1997

    sa alaire trè bn !!

  8. southstar0511

    why are the damn subtitles the same as the language spoken in the video? Shouldnt it be in english, retards.

  9. leniboda

    hey this guy's kinda hot I'll keep watching..

  10. kikine05

    @psik0tik bah on dirait que vous commencez a avoir les mêmes problèmes que chez nous en Belgique…. ça promet…. I speak 4 languages and every time i can see how the world can be so stupid :s

  11. psik0tik

    I don't know what is going on here. Seriously, smh @ non french people asking french dudes not to speak french on a french/canadian youtube vid. Les gens parlent dans le langage qu'ils veulent, you intolerants. C'est youtube ici, pas la corée du nord. (it's youtube here not north korea. yeah I translate because you don't even speak french…and then, you say french are anti social?? lol. GTFOOH.

  12. JHLegendary

    stéphane t vraiment bon cuisiner merci BEAUCOUP!!!

  13. JHLegendary

    @DavithRedway NOT A FRENCH (FRANCE) IS A CANADIAN CANADA DON'T SUCK BUT FRANCE…YES and we don't put sirop on our food all time !

  14. JHLegendary

    @DavithRedway I'm in canada and france seriously suck and the France makes ashamed us sorry for bad anglish because i'm french canadian (qc)

  15. Adri Díaz

    And???? They are awesome people how can you tell that if you dont know any french stupid!

  16. Adri Díaz

    Well all the people have 2 speak english but all the world doest have to speak english only for you …



  17. Dave Rømerø

    @ntmlovaaa i dont get it. so, shut it.

  18. ntmlovaaa


  19. Dave Rømerø

    @ntmlovaaa And you're problem is…?

  20. ntmlovaaa

    @DavithRedway mother fucker-fils de pute.

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