Saumon de Norvège sauce beurre blanc avec Thomas Clouet

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Recipe Video for Thin and Thick Teriyaki Sauce
Full recipe:

Learn how to make a finger licking good Teriyaki Sauce from scratch. You can use this sauce on many different food dishes; I love to use the thick sweet teriyaki sauce by brushing it on to some tender spare ribs or some juicy fried chicken wings.

– Garlic and Ginger (1x small bit of each)
– 1 tsp Sesame seed oil + 2 tsp olive oil
– 50 g Brown Sugar (1.76 oz)
– 150 ml Soy Sauce (0.63 US Cup)
– 150 ml Mirin (0.63 US Cup)
– 50 ml Sake (0.21 US Cup)
– Toasted Sesame seeds (for thick sauce)

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  1. wawone elfogen

    il ne faut pas manger de saumon de norvège!!!

  2. Sora et Softchess Karaokés


  3. Océane Léger

    les quantité svo

  4. Alex Beydoun

    Merci bien chef 

  5. diamondtahiti


  6. Julien EUSTACHE

    Merci. Simple et délicieux. Par contre j'ai quelques doutes lors de l'incorporation du beurre. Dois t-on baisser la flamme ou rester "à fond les ballons" à ce moment? Faut-il incorporer progressivement les morceaux pour que l'émulsion fonctionne mieux?

  7. Computer,Cell phones tips

    thank you for video,enjoyed

  8. 《ChcknDogYT》

    It looks beautiful
    Sushi is the best

  9. m1d4ySn4ckZ

    You can tell he had to do that soy sauce flip trick several times, for the top 3rd part of the bottle had a thin cover of soy sauce on it. Still cool though.

  10. Suzanne Maureen

    I like this video and thank you. My only thing is I nee more ginger and garlic than that.

  11. Addie Marie

    Any substitute for sake? I have everything else except. I guess I can stop being lazy and go and buy it. Lol

  12. tri yuniarto

    I use grape juice and apple juice instead of mirin and sake. And it taste still delicious, and taste like teriyaki. :)

  13. amraymo raymond

    How long can you store this in a bottle??


    my only question is
    how the fuck did you flip a bottle without catching it

  15. thanh phong nguyễn

    thank so much add , you the best , please tell me soy sauce and then what else ,

  16. mahat khansur

    is it possible to make it without saki

  17. Mary Joy Mallari

    What can I use as substitute for merin and sake? I wish there is…

  18. Aylin Zimmerer

    is he french? I love his accent ;)

  19. Nur Farrahim

    Can we use something else (non-alcohol) instead of sake and mirin?

  20. Nie Mals

    Great Recipe, great Channel but try smiling once in a while ;)

  21. Aligums

    You can use white wine as a sake substitute. Also for thickness, you can use 1 tsp of cornstarch mixed in 60 ml of cold water first and add to the sauce while its cooking to help thicken it quicker then refrigerate.

  22. Alpharion Omegon

    Can I use honey instead of sugar and still reduce that down into a sauce?

  23. Li Ming Han

    Is the sake necessary?

  24. Zainab I

    can we replace the wine products here with something else??
    good jop👍

  25. terry nexon


  26. Umar Jabbar

    What's mir in? ?

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