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Pouding Chômeur

Pouding Chômeur

Recette de Pouding Chômeur, un dessert classique du Québec, sucré, Facile à réaliser.
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  1. Bonjour,

    C'est possible de mettre les proportions dans la description ? Merci chef William !!

  2. j'ai essayé plusieurs mais celle Èa William est la meilleure,merci champion!!

  3. How did you use mount in desert -_-

  4. Love song

  5. you didnt go in ;-;

  6. i use recordable too

  7. You said "How to Go in Pyramid" but did you? no.. _"

  8. Mounts can't go in da desert no mo ?

  9. Leader of black venom is me

  10. HOW DO U GET IN?!?!

  11. My Name Co-Leader Elizabeth

  12. Okay

  13. what's inside

  14. i must on android right?

  15. Please help, i get to the cactus and then i cant get anywhere else

  16. are cannot again?

  17. Good
    Thats Very good hehehhehe ill try it

  18. cant play graal 🙁 era,classic,olwest whyyy

  19. ghe lang Lala HAHA

  20. Yes may youtube channel siya

  21. Yes hahahahaha

  22. Yes hahahahaha

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